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The „Hope for Families” Foundation

The „Hope for Families” Foundation is the public benefit organization. It has worked to promote Polish families since 2008. We strongly believe that family is where children feel the best and nothing can replace a place like home with loved ones.


Our work is concentrated on two types of families with children: families, of which children are threatened with being put in an oprhanage and also, for large families.


From the very start, we have been cooperating with Social Welfare Centre as well as Family Support Centre. We have managed to provide help to over 5000 people in 10 different counties around Poland. Thanks to modern techinques of working with families, we prevented 285 children from being put in an orphanage. They were able to stay with their parents or the loved ones, like grandparents, aunts, god- parents, etc. The parents of he children, recieved from us such a support which let them take the responsibility for their family and take over control of their own life. While working with families our motto is: „ If you give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day; If you teach a man to fish you will feed him for a lifetime”.


Together with the City Hall we introduced so called BIG FAMILY CARD to support and promote big families , which consist of more than 4 members. The BFC allows people to obtain many discounts and price cuts in various shops, restaurants, museums, sport centres, etc.


What's more, we help children to develop their passions and talents; We organize free English lessons , science and art workshops, sport days, etc. We also, provide parents with space for meetings and building up relations. Moreover, we organise dates for them, buy them vouchers to various restaurants, cinema, and what is most important we take care of their children while they have a bit of their privacy.


In our work we combine passion and professionalism. Families deserve what is the best. We really hope for all families in Poland to be happy, children to have smile on their faces and parents to be glad of their marriages and proud of their offsprings.